The Cricket Board of Maldives are interested in speaking with potential commercial partners across a broad range of platforms.

Current Opportunities include:

    • National Team Sponsorship
    • Sponsorship Category Partners
    • Branding & Advertising at Maldives International matches and events
    • Bespoke Sponsorship Opportunities

If you would like to have an exploratory conversation with us to identify how Cricket Board of Maldives can support your marketing and business objectives, please contact Amir Ahmed on xxxxxxxxx.

Website & Traditional Advertising

To advertise with the Cricket Board of Maldives, please email xxxxxxxxxxxx

Marketing with the CBM is a winning partnership

Maldives Cricket marketing and promotion is visually represented in the images created as part of each ad campaign. These images include well designed and attractive posters, event calendars, schedules, programmes and logos created to give identity to all Maldives Cricket events. Sponsors are given prominence in all these mediums. Sponsor names are used for tournament titles and sponsors play an active and very visible role form the planning to the completion of a Maldives cricket event.

Maldives Cricket strategic plan and annual reports are also widely incorporated into the promotion campaign as they provide documentary evidence of the endeavours to enhance and popularise the game. Maldives Cricket has pioneered and led sports marketing in the Maldives and provided inspiration for other sports associations in the country.

After a golden period int he 1980s cricket declined considerably in the Maldives in the 1990s. Given cricket’s pre-eminence in Maldives sports history and the popularity of the game in the region, the Cricket Control Board of Maldives (now the Cricket Board of Maldives) launched an ambitious and vigorous campaign to revive the game in 1999 with a broad development programme under the theme ‘Cricket for the Year 2000 and Beyond’.

Concurrently, the Board also started initiatives to bring in new partners, particularly business interests with the aim of raising funds through sponsorship. This was important because development programmes required additional funding and clubs needed financial support to take part in cricket activities.

These concerns provided impetus for the CBM marketing and promotional programme. A conscious effort was made to ‘go to businesses’ with attractive sponsorship packages offering value added services and integrated marketing opportunities.

Since 2001, almost all the tournaments and some events have been supported by private sector sponsorship.

Maldives Cricket has pioneered sports marketing in the Maldives. From the flagship Marketing Seminar held in early 2004, to the Sponsor Vehicle unveiled in 2008, Maldives Cricket has revolutionised sports marketing. Some of the key innovations in this regard include the annual marketing dinner, advertisement on large format billboards, Cricket Evening, website promotion and the Sponsor Vehicle.

The cricket marketing seminar of 2004, marketing dinner of 2006 and the partners night of 2008 were the key events that connected Maldives Cricket with potential partners. These events offer information on the sponsorship packages offered, and the benefits from association with Maldives Cricket.

The 12 foot billboard erected at the Indoor Cricket Hall in 2005 was the largest and first of it’s kind in the country. In 2008, the billboard was replaced by the Sponsor Vehicle, a van wrapped with events and sponsor advertisements.

The Maldives Cricket website was launched in 2003. it was the first website launched by a sports association in the country and connected the cricket community and provided promotional opportunities for sponsors.

Maldives Cricket also changed competition naming in the country. Sponsors were invited to become title sponsors, thereby marketing their name and product through association with cricket. Some of the biggest commercial name have attached their names to cricket tournaments.

Through their marketing efforts, Maldives Cricket has been able to forge very good relations with some of Maldives key businesses. This partnership has brought mutual benefits in growth, exposure and popularity for sponsor products and cricket.

In 2005 & 2006 CBM won the International Cricket Council Development Award for Cricket Marketing and Promotion in the Asia Region. This is a testament to the success and hard work put into cricket marketing by CBM and it’s marketing team.

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