Strategies & Policies



Make cricket the leading competitive sport in the Maldives and achieve excellence on the international stage.



To put in place a result oriented development and administrative structure which will create an enabling environment for cricket to grow and prosper.



Focus The secret to success in cricket is the players’ focus. If a team concentrates on collective goals and individual aspirations that are complementary to each other, victory would no doubt be within reach.

Timeliness Respect for set time patterns and deadlines is an essential part of life as in cricket. Timeliness teaches us to respect deadlines and increases our sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Trust Without a good understanding and trust for ones teammates, a team would not get together in a desired manner. CBM values, aim to build trust among cricketers, administrators, peers and parents, and indeed everyone involved in cricket activities in the Maldives.

Caring Cricket is a game of human emotions and strong affiliations and ties. Players learn to work as a team, give selflessly to ones mates and place the goals of the team before ones own aspirations. In the process, players learn to care for each other, and to develop close friendships.


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to deliver our vision through:

      • Providing the vision, leadership, guidance and support to cricket at all levels
      • Ensuring that development is the key, and that junior and club cricket form the nucleus of development
      • Fostering a culture of excellence and accountability within Maldives Cricket
      • Ensuring that appropriate facilities are made available to the growing number of players
      • Producing a group of outstanding players that can compete and win regional tournaments
      • Securing a strong and sustainable financial base.


Our Goals

We know we will have succeeded over the next four years if by 2017:

      • School and club cricket remain strong with playing opportunities for players of different skill levels
      • A Cricket Academy is established that forms the backbone of cricket development
      • The Maldives national team, and at least one age group team has won a regional tournament for ICC affiliate nations
      • Maldives Cricket has gained promotion as an ICC Associate member
      • Maldives Cricket is managed by a professional, result oriented team, and there is a secure and sustainable revenue stream
      • The cricket ground becomes a focal point for cricketers and the public with a central turf wicket, pavilion and service facilities.


Achieving Excellence

Maldives Cricket has entered a new and exciting phase in its senior and international cricket development with the entry of a new generation of cricketers in to the senior team. The next four years will see the senior and national team change completely as players trained under the development programme take reigns of the team. This, together with changes in regional cricket, will bring new challenges to the team which needs to be met head on to make the Maldives a formidable power amongst regional cricket developing countries.


Coaching and Management

A full time coach and management team to be in charge of the national team. This will be the key to the success of the national team. This will ensure an environment that promotes excellence both as a team and individual players.



A streamlined Player Pathway for players to move into the senior squads and a selection process that involve all the key stakeholders of the game.


Contracting and Renumeration

Attract players to the national team and retain them through a comprehensive contracting, remuneration and incentive programme.


Playing opportunities

Explore and secure additional playing opportunities regionally and internationally.


Elite Development

Expand the quantity and quality of one on one coaching offered to elite players through the cricket academy and find overseas training scholarship opportunities for such players.


Junior Elite Development

Provide targeted training for age group national squads to ensure regional success.


The Business of Cricket

Several changes have taken place in the governance of cricket with the adoption of a new constitution and the first general election in 2008. Maldives Cricket has also done impressively in the past in securing finance for the game, especially through sponsorship. However, the recent economic downturn and competition from other sports have impacted Maldives Cricket finances and programmes. Our challenge over the next four years will be to find new sources of financing, while consolidating existing sources and strengthening the governance of the game.


Maintain high standards of governance by strengthening the role of the Executive Board.



Ensure that all activities of the Board are managed efficiently through the use of detailed business plans, clear delegation of responsibilities and meaningful performance reviews.



Have a CEO who will manage Maldives Cricket with a team of full time staff who are result and goal oriented.



Ensure the financial viability of Maldives Cricket by seeking new sources of finance and utilising existing capital assets.


Sponsorship and Marketing

Build on relationships with existing sponsors through improved networking and finding opportunities to introduce new products to sponsors. Develop a new approach to marketing, taking into account new competition and to remain a trail blazer in Maldives sports marketing.



Develop an annual event calendar and deliver well organised, vibrant and exciting events.


Cricket For All

Maldives Cricket has been in the forefront of adopting new methods and styles of communication to take the game to a wider audience. While we have been successful in this endeavour there is much that can be done to utilise media as a tool of information sharing and linking Maldives Cricket with stakeholders and the public.

Social Cricket

Create opportunities for everyone to take part in cricket activities, with special emphasis on keeping retired and veteran players in the game by establishing social competitions and a Master’s League.


Database Management

Review existing database systems and put in place a long term database solution that will meet the needs of players and management, while ensuring the archival quality of Maldives Cricket data.



Develop the website and make it a clearing house of Maldives Cricket data, which is accessible to all stakeholders.



Attract volunteers by providing incentives and opportunities


Cricket Facilities

One of the biggest challenges for Maldives Cricket is the lack of cricket infrastructure, especially a proper cricket ground. Despite this, developments undertaken in the Ekuveni Ground and the cricket nets have allowed for uninterrupted cricket activities over the last four years. In 2011, a new cricket ground was opened in Fuvahmulah island; a historic first as this is the first dedicated cricket ground and the first facility of this stature developed outside the capital. It has created opportunities to take the great game out of Malé.

Cricket Ground

To complete the Pavilion at the Ekuveni Ground as a focal point for cricket activity and as a source of finance for Maldives.


Expanding Facilities

Ensure that players in the Maldives Cricket development programme in all parts of the country have access to cricket facilities with special emphasis on practice facilities, and grounds in at least four regions of the country.


Cricket House

To streamline and rationalise under the banner of “Cricket House” the services available at the Board office, such as the Gym and audio-visual media room.


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