Cricket Development

Over the past four years much work has been done to strengthen the cricket development programme begun in 1999. A number of players have progressed from the YDP to club and national cricket. One of the main failings have been the junior and youth performance regionally. The aim in the next four years will be to address this short coming and introduce cricket to a new generation of players and enhance the current development programme. Club cricket has seen ebbs and falls over the past four years. After a revival of club cricket in the early and mid 2000, club and player numbers have dwindled over the last few years. The aim of the next four years will be to halt the decline and revitalise club cricket by improving methods of support to clubs.


Junior Cricket

Set up a partnership with interested parties to establish a Cricket Academy which will become the nerve centre of cricket development.

Girls Cricket

Overcome the challenges of attracting girls to the game through advocacy and incentive programmes.

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School Cricket

School Cricket Clubs will be established in each of the cricket playing schools in Male’ and in interested schools in other islands. The aim is to rationalize the junior development programme and to create a body within each school to provide cricket coaching and training to all children. Maldives Cricket will provide technical assistance, resources and equipment to the clubs.

YDP Aminiya School August 2015


Youth Cricket

Achieve better retention of players through a combination of direct and club-based support to youth players, targeting administration, coaching and a governance and competition structure that can more effectively deliver cricket at the youth level. Youth pools will be created as target groups for focussed training.

Many young promising players have the opportunity to gain valuable experience and coaching in Sri Lanka. The Cricket Board of Maldives works with many top level clubs in Sri Lanka to provide an environment for the development of youth players to flourish.

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Atoll Cricket

Expand cricket by providing direct cricket development assistance to interested and targeted islands of Maldives with the aim of creating four regional cricket hubs.

Clubs as the link

Clubs will become the main link between the Board and cricket players and club cricket will play a key role in the transformation of youth players into players of national calibre. By the end of the Plan period, there will be at least 10 well governed, well managed and resourced clubs that provide their members with quality coaching, organization and playing opportunities. The Board will provide financial support to each club to undertake training and support tournament participation. Clubs will be required to undertake youth training programmes within the overall development framework.


Coach Development

Maintain and grow a comprehensive coach development programme that delivers quality coach education opportunities, increases communication with and recognition of coaches and provides appropriate support and assistance to clubs and schools with their coaching programmes. Training and retention of national coaches will be prioritised.


Umpires and Scorers

Work with current and ex-players to increase the national umpire pool by increasing incentives and providing local and overseas training. Maldives Cricket will assist national umpires to perform at the regional level.


Alternative Formats

Increase participation and grow the profile of the game, particularly amongst new players and players from other islands. Twenty20 cricket will become the focus of Youth and Senior cricket to take advantage of the global changes in cricket. Old tournament formats will be retained with emphasis on retaining those tournaments that will provide the maximum participation.

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