Fuvahmulah Inter School Final Matches & Awards 2017

Fuvahmulah Interschool Finals Day 2017

Boys Champions – M.J.M. Team A
Girls Champions – H.A.S. Girls

Boys Runners Up – H.A.S. Team A
Girls Runners Up – M.J.M. Girls

Boys Player of the Tournament – Mohamed Alhim
Girls Player of the Tournament – Aishath Maiha

8 Boys teams and 3 Girls teams took part in this years Fuvahmulah Interschool Cricket Tournaments. Player awards presented by guests H.A.S. Prinicipal Mohamed Fayyaz, M.J.M. Prinicipal Arifa Abdul Majeed, and Mr Bandara, Manager of Sierra Operations (Fuvahmulah).
Winners & Runners up presented by Chief Guest; Fuvahmulah City Deputy Mayor Mohamed Lirar.

Boys Interschool Tournament 2017

Girls Interschool Tournament 2017

Best Players:

H.A.S. Girls Team
Best Bowler – Aishath Maahy
Best Batsman – Aishath Maiha

M.J.M. Girls Team
Best Bowler – Fathimath Anaal
Best Batsman – Hawwa Rafa

F.S. Girls Team
Best Bowler – Mariyam Suha
Best Batsman – Aishath Nahoo


F.S. Boys Team
Best Bowler – Ali Ameem Ahmed
Best Batsman – Mohamed Riaan

M.J.M. Boys Team C
Best Bowler – Mohamed Haisham
Best Batsman – Aiham Afeef

M.J.M. Boys Team B
Best Bowler – Ahmed Aain
Best Batsman – Joodh Ahmed

M.J.M. Boys Team A
Best Bowler – Hussain Raaish
Best Batsman – Ahmed Anas

H.A.S. Boys Team D
Best Bowler – Mohamed Aail
Best Batsman – Mohamed Maail

H.A.S. Boys Team C
Best Bowler – Ahmed Sharin
Best Batsman – Shajan Ibrahim

H.A.S. Boys Team B
Best Bowler – Ahmed Mazin
Best Batsman – Hassan Aiham

H.A.S. Boys Team A
Best Bowler – Mohamed Alhim
Best Batsman – Ahmed Zaadh

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