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School Teachers Cricket Tournament 2015

The Annual Malé School Teachers Cricket Tournament took place this weekend at Ekuveni Cricket Ground. The Cricket Board of Maldives wishes to thank all those who took part in this social cricket tournament.

Games began at 2pm on Friday and resumed around 7am on Saturday. The grand final commenced at 4:30pm.

Tournament Champions:
Billabong High School Team cruises to victory scoring a whopping 147 off 6 overs!

Tournament Runners-Up:
Imaduddin School

Most Runs Scored:
Nived Mishra 224 runs

Most Wickets Taken:
Anwar Sadath – Dharumavantha School
Vinslin Christopher – Imaduddin School
Santhosh Kumar – Imaduddin School
Ali Abdulla – Billabong High School

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Group Games
Ghiyasuddin International School v Billabong High School (Full Scorecard)
Ahmaddhiyya International School C.H.S.E. (Full Scorecard)
Imaduddin School v Thaajuddeen School (Full Scorecard)
Muhyiddin School v Dharumavantha (Full Scorecard)
Ghiyasuddin International School v Imaduddin School (Full Scorecard)
Ahmaddhiyya International School v Muhyiddin School (Full Scorecard)
Billabong High School v Thaajuddeen School (Full Scorecard)
C.H.S.E. v Dharumavantha (Full Scorecard)
Ghiyasuddin International School v Thaajuddeen School (Full Scorecard)
Ahmaddhiyya International School v Dharumavantha (Full Scorecard)
Billabong High School Imaduddin School (Full Scorecard)
C.H.S.E. Muhyiddin School (Full Scorecard)

Billabong High School v Dharumavantha  (Full Scorecard)
Ahmaddhiyya International School v Imaduddin School (Full Scorecard)

Imaduddin School v Billabong High School (Full Scorecard)

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