Welcome to the Cricket Board of Maldives

'Maldives Cricket' is the national governing board of the sport for the Republic of Maldives. It is responsible for setting the strategic direction and the administration of cricket throughout the country.

Our collective vision is to make cricket a leading competetive sport in the Maldives and achieve excellence on the international stage by creating an atmosphere for cricket to grow and prosper.

Over recent years much work has been done to strengthen the cricket development programme begun in 1999. A number of players have progressed from the Youth development Program (YDP), to club and ultimately, national cricket.

The aim is to introduce cricket to a new generation of players and enhance the current development programme to include people from all walks of life within the Maldives and include alternative formats of the game.

Club cricket has seen ebbs and flows over recent years. After a revival of club cricket in the early and mid 2000, club and player numbers have dwindled over the last 3 years. The aim of the next four years will be to halt the decline and revitalise club cricket by improving methods of support to clubs.

Maldives Cricket has entered a new and exciting phase in its senior and international cricket development with the entry of a new generation of cricketers into the senior team.

The next four years will see the players trained under the development programme take reigns of the team. This, together with changes in regional cricket, will bring new challenges to the team which needs to be met head on to make the Maldives a formidable power amongst cricket developing countries.